Welcome to RW Penney's homepage

I am a mathematical physicist and data scientist with experience in areas including:

  • data analytics
  • mathematical modelling
  • space weather
  • digital signal processing (DSP)
  • software development

The following is a cross-section of my publications:

• RW Penney & NK Jackson-Booth, 2017; "Ionospheric imaging by finite-element tomography" Proc. 15th Int'l Ionospheric Effects Symposium

Keywords: assimilation, Bayesian inference, GPS, tetrahedral grids, numerical software

2D tomography toy problem
• RW Penney & NK Jackson-Booth, 2015; "Mitigating satellite motion in GPS monitoring of travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs)" Radio Science 50(11) pp1150-1164

Keywords: trend fitting, cycle slip, cross-correlation, GPSTk, International Reference Ionosphere (IRI)

simulated TID
• GJ McDonald, JS Ellis, RW Penney & RW Price, 2012; "Real-time Vehicle Identification Performance Using FPGA Correlator Hardware", IEEE trans. Intell. Transp. Syst. 13(4) pp1891-1895

Keywords: ANPR, PCI, field-programmable gate array (FPGA), image processing

correlator PCI card
• RW Penney, 2005; "Collision avoidance within flight dynamics constraints for UAV applications", RAeS Aeronautical Journal 109(4) pp193-199

Keywords: trajectory; basis; spline; optimization; optimisation; autopilot; unmanned air vehicle

collison avoidance
• MJ Smith & RW Penney, 2002; "Apparatus for Monitoring Fetal Heart-Beat", UK patent, WO03028550

Keywords: foetal ECG; electrocardiogram; signal separation; filtering; noise reduction; artefact; artefact; maternal heartbeat

• RW Penney, 1998; "Analytic Determination of Gradients of Intervisibility over Continuous Randomly-Generated Topography", IMA J. Applied Maths 61 pp291-303

Keywords: line of sight; derivative; elastic manifold; synthetic terrain

gradient of visibility
• RW Penney & D Sherrington, 1994; "A Perceptron with a Skeletal Weight-space", J. Physics A 27 pp23-39

Keywords: neural network; optimal learning; storage capacity; replica symmetry breaking; simulated annealing

skeletal weightspace
• ACC Coolen, RW Penney & D Sherrington, 1993; "Coupled Dynamics of Fast Spins and Slow Interactions: An Alternative Perspective on Replicas", Physical Review B 48 pp16116-16118

Keywords: neural network; replica mean field theory; ergodicity breaking; adiabatic

phase diagram

In amongst and beyond the above, I explore:

• numerical algorithms
• C/C++/Python development under Linux
• Big-data analytics using SciPy, Scala & Spark
• cross-platform and real-time data-processing applications
• Unix/Linux system administration

I can be contacted by email via hammer«at»rwpenney«dot»uk

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